Pressure Sensitive Tape | Applicator And Uses

A pressure sensitive tape is a kind of adhesive tape that can be stuck on any kind of material without using solvent, heat or water for activation. It is also known by other names such as self-stick tape, PSA tape, and adhesive tape. It is widely used for home, office and industrial uses.

The PSA tape is either made of plastic film or metal foil or fabric with a pressure sensitive adhesive applied on the back of these materials. Some pressure sensitive tape is provided with release liners, which guard the adhesive till the time it is removed.Certain kinds of tapes have piled coating of adhesives, freely releasing materials, primers, filaments, letter printing for specific actions.

Generally a pressure sensitive tape does not require a chemical solvent, water or heat for immediate activation. There are also glued or water based adhesive tape that need hot water using them. Similarly, the heat based tapes need heat to activate the tapes. The single-sided pressure sensitive tapes can be stuck to a material’s surface or above the overlapping materials to hold them firmly. Double-sided tapes have adhesives on either sides and can bond two items facing each other.

The pressure sensitive tape originated during 1845 and a surgeon named Horace Day developed them. During the 20th century the tapes for industrial purposes were introduced. The PSA tapes are manufactured in various forms for various specific purposes. The transparent tapes are used in homes or offices for sticking envelopes, for repairing paper products as well as for holding light materials. The tapes backing are provided with acrylic or synthetic rubber based adhesives.

You also get pressure sensitive tape that is alike transparent tape and they are provided with limited acid adhesives. The advantage of the low-acid adhesives is that they do not rot the surfaces on which they are used and are capable of safeguarding papers from getting spoiled for a longer time. Gaff tapes also belong to PSA family and they are used on fabric, cables and other various materials.

Duct tape is a kind of pressure sensitive tape using a fabric backing coated with plastic and also a tough adhesive. They can be easily torn by hand and are actually developed for fastening ammunition storages from humidity and for national use. Box sealing tape or Packing tape or Parcel tape is generally used for shipment of packaging items. It is an opaque tape made out of polypropylene and commonly 2" or 3" wide.

Masking tape, another member of PSA family, is used for hidingportions that do not require painting. It has a backing made of paper with adhesive, which should be removed within a specific time. Insulation tape or electrical tape is also a kind of pressure sensitive tape that is prepared using vinyl, which does not conduct electric current. Even the medical industry use surgical self adhesive tape that can grip a wound dressing.

You also get “adhesive transfer tape” that has no backing substance. This pressure sensitive tape is packed amid two detachable layers. You can see the release lines on either side of the tape. The pressure sensitive tape is also used in sports like hockey.  It is called a hockey tape to grip hockey as well as lacrosse sticks.

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